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Sunday Nov.20.2022
Sunday Nov.20.2022

ON SALE 10 a.m. Friday, August 26, 2022

In the early years of his young adult life, C S Lewis believed the story of Christ’s birth was nothing more than feel-good myth. That all changed after a particular encounter with his great friend and fellow author, J R R Tolkien. Although both men loved mythology in general, Tolkien was convinced that the Jesus myth was the one true myth. That was the start of Lewis’ journey from Atheism to Christianity. From that point on Christmas, for Lewis, took on an entirely different meaning.

Here we find him at his home near Oxford on Christmas Eve hosting a group of Americans who are Christmassing in England. They are about to experience an unforgettable assortment of Yuletide recollections which stimulates a whole range of emotions – curiosity, laughter, gladness and even some tears. Above all, they will discover how that encounter with Tolkien forever changed his Christmas celebrations.



When it comes to the life of author C.S. Lewis, there is no one more accomplished than actor David Payne. Born in Britain and moving to the USA in the 1990’s, he is the perfect example of how a life-time of experiences are needed in the pursuit of mature and precise on-stage performances. From the world of record label and artist management, publishing and event promotion, grew a desire to tread the boards in front of the glow of theater footlights and the rapturous applause of global audiences everywhere. This is a passion that has never left him, and the enduring relationship with the creator of the Chronicles of Narnia, is truly something to behold.

Reveling in the role of the acclaimed British writer, David has performed as C.S. Lewis in more than 1,000 productions, in front of nearly 750,000 people including plays such as ‘Shadowlands’ and ‘An Evening with C.S. Lewis’. David is quintessentially the actor who turns the written word into the multi-layered performances that such roles require, and his productions around the world are testament to the extraordinary talents he possesses.

“I’ve never tried to portray why C.S. Lewis wrote what he did, or any of that. Instead, I do the best I can to portray the essence of who the man was as a person. That has always been my aim.”

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