Concert Sponsorship

The Elsinore’s programming is a high-profile opportunity for showing Salem your company’s hometown personality and to be recognized as a leading supporter of the arts. Consider sponsoring a concert or performance series during the summer season.

A corporate sponsorship is a great way for your business to associate with a community institution in a positive and entertaining manner; it’s a splashy and effective way to reach a large and desirable audience. Last year, the Elsinore hosted more than 120 performances with an accumulated audience of more than 21,000 people.

Sponsorship Benefits are proportional to the level of investment. For more information about the Concert Sponsorship Program, contact Development Manager Sally Litchfield Puhek at 503-375-3574 or email

Matching Gift

Consider a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust. The Trust helps strengthen cultural organizations throughout Oregon. Once you have made a donation to the Elsinore and match that amount to the Trust, you receive a 100% tax credit on your Oregon tax return and an additional deduction on your Federal return. It’s a win-win! Visit their website at for more information.

The Hamlet Society

At 95 years of age, the Elsinore Theatre is the grande dame in downtown Salem and deserving of special friends who provide charitable support needed to sustain financial stability. Because Shakespeare named Hamlet’s castle in Denmark the Elsinore, and because George Guthrie built the theater in 1926 in a grand Tudor Gothic style to resemble that castle, the Hamlet Society is a fitting name for a group of donors who pledge generously to support it. The Elsinore Board of Directors has set annual membership dues in the Hamlet Society at $1,000 or more.

Endowment Fund

You can establish a lasting legacy with a gift to the Elsinore Endowment Fund. Your tax deductible contribution will be invested with the Oregon Community Foundation, one of the nation's largest community trusts. When funds are invested, the principal remains intact for generations to come; earnings are returned to the Elsinore, which help offset annual operating expenses.

Gifts can be made to offer recognition in whatever way you choose — as an individual name, business, memorial or thank you. Contributions can be made in any amount in the form of cash, appreciated stocks and securities, bequests, trusts or transfers of other assets. In December 2015, Congress passed a federal tax bill containing some good news for the non-profit sector. The tax bill, entitled the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, retroactively reinstates and makes permanent several tax incentives. Most notable among these is the IRA charitable rollover, which had expired on January 1, 2015 and had been subject to congressional re-approval on an almost yearly basis.

The IRA charitable rollover allows individual taxpayers aged 70 ½ and older to donate up to $100,000 from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to charitable organizations tax free, thereby reducing their individual taxable income.

If you are interested in learning more about making a long-lasting investment in the future of the Elsinore Theatre, contact Development Director Sally Litchfield Puhek at 503-375-3574 or email

Education Fund

The Elsinore Theatre manages a series of education and engagement programs. We work hard to provide thousands of young people with a positive experience in the theater exposed to plays, music, education, and more.

Your financial support will enable students to attend one of our youth experiences. If you would like more information on how you can help the Elsinore’s education program move forward, contact Tom Fohn, Executive Director, at 503-375-3574 or email him at

Support the Elsinore education programs by making a donation to the Education Fund.